code of conduct


Article I: DCS is an organization dedicated to the Crucible in a multi-faceted way. Our mission is to maintain Bungie’s vision for Destiny PvP, as much as possible, without sacrificing the competitive community's growth.  Our goal is to provide a platform that will provide the best experience for all regions and a roadmap for players of all skill levels.


Article II:  DCS is focused on good sportsmanship and respectful play. We do not condone :

- sending hateful DM’s or profanity
- excessive tea bagging
- going into a streamers channel and trash talking
- twitter wars
- derogatory meme’ing

 We respect other players, be reverent in defeat and humble in victory. Upholding our mentality is key for growth as a community. Having a consistent negative attitude towards weapons, subclasses and or abilities is not acceptable. The state of the game is written in stone until Bungie deems it necessary to change it. Throwing shade because of weapon use/subclass is disrespectful and therefore not tolerated. Negative criticism in or out of game towards another community member is not tolerated.

I.E: Any hard evidence of a player displaying unsportsmanlike behavior will be reviewed by our staff and a vote will be passed on their Reputation Status.  

Reputation Status is part of a system that is unique to DCS.  

A significant loss in reputation can result in suspension or expulsion from DCS. 


Article III: DCS encourages using the means necessary to win.  This means using year 1 weapons or community hated weapons,  however we do not condone in game glitches or lag to gain an advantage.  We respect all forms of play here, especially unique set ups and builds. What makes us unique is the players who make it up, so we do encourage diversity.   But play to win within the rules.


Article IV: We use an app called “Discord” to do all of our communication.  Discord chat is the key component for communications from the DCS staff.  This app is mandatory for all participants and can be downloaded on any smart phone and/or computer.  It is your primary means of contacting a staff member.