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FINALS - International Destiny Tournament

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The International Destiny Tournament is sponsored by

The watch fund concept is becoming more common, as investors recognise the potential value of a pristine watch stored safely. - Financial Times

Why should you invest in The Watch Fund?
Let's put it this way. Say you put $250,000 in your bank fixed deposit for 1 year. You get 1%, a piece of paper and a free water-bottle. 

In exactly 1 year from now, you draw out $252,500 - only to find that coffee has gone up by just 10 cents and inflation has beaten you once again. 

The Watch Fund - you would be expecting at typically 20-30% (that's more than TEN TIMES more returns) and we didn't just give you a water-bottle or a piece of paper - we gave you watches retailing at $500,000 or more. 

Why should you invest The Watch Fund? Maybe the question is: Can you afford NOT to?