Destiny Sandbox Update 2/2017

Did the Bungie Developers make or break the game?

This was the question that many regular Destiny players found themselves asking after Bungie had live-streamed crucial changes coming to various weapons and aspects to the PvP side of the game.

Without a doubt, the stream caught everyone’s attention - for the right and wrong reasons.

So, if you are still reeling from the news of the various changes, we have you covered with a detailed analysis and reaction of the stream! Just sit back, and read on about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from it all.

~ Bungie was flawless about ~

The Pulse Rifle Redesign

The first thing that Bungie addressed about the Pulse Rifle system was the unstoppable Clever Dragon/Grasp of Malok archetype. This was an easy target after the obvious advantage the infamous group gained in competitive and casual PvP, and the developers delivered the righteous nerf necessary to level the playing field. This nerf came in 2 forms: a 7% Rate-of-Fire decrease and a magazine size reduction of 6 bullets.

Pulse Rifles across the board also received High Caliber Round nerfs, and overall flinch nerfs, to bring them closer to being in line with other primaries, and to stop the cursing from many sniper users. For now.

The High-Impact line of Pulse Rifles, which reside in the Spare Change.25/The Messenger archetype, received a moderate buff in the form of a 5.5% Rate-of-Fire increase. This gives them a fair playing field with the previously feared Clever Dragon archetype, without completely turning the tables in their favor.

It’s also important to note that the in-air accuracy of Pulse Rifles was given a buff. If you’re an Angel-of-Light user - this could be quite interesting!

Handling the Hand Cannon Dillema

Known for the infamous “ghost bullets”, Hand Cannons were in need of an accuracy and damage overhaul. Once again, Bungie delivered, and in this scenario: Bungie delivered particularly well.

Oh, and if you’re a Year-1 Hand Cannon fan, you’re going to like the sound of this.

The Hand Cannon’s accuracy has been restored to Year 1 values - but only for the first shot. Despite this, it’s arguable that the first shot with a hand cannon may be the most important, but that’s another article for a later date.

The base range of Hand Cannons have been reduced by a grand total of 5 meters, but even then, there is no reason to panic just yet. Bungie developers have also limited the maximum damage dropoff from 50% to 33%, which offsets the range nerf.

Overall, Hand Cannons were given new settings to compete fairly in the new PvP setup coming from the update on the 14th.

~ Bungie was so close with ~

Leveling Shotgunners Off

It’s no secret the shotguns were getting a hefty nerf, but was the total slam really justified?

Despite the questions some users asked - a shotgun nerf was definitely necessary - to some extent. We’ll leave you with the details, and you can draw the line.

Shotgun Magnetism has been significantly reduced, and this basically means that “Ghost Pellets” are more likely when shotgunning, especially from long distance.

Long Distance shotgunning won’t exist much anymore anyways - thanks to a 25% Aim Time increase to activate the infamous Rangefinder perk. This nerf devalues many of the “god-roll” and “maximum-range” shotguns that players (Ahem, Titans) held onto so dearly.

The style and art of shotgunning itself will also be dramatically changed, thanks to a triple-threat nerf consisting of: Removal of all Aim Assist while hip-firing, Decreased mid-air accuracy and even a total removal to precision damage to shotguns (Outside of The Chaperone, a slug-shotgun.). All of these will cause a change of aggressiveness within the shotgunning community.

Reviving Auto Rifles from the Dead

Auto Rifle users were given something to cheer about. A pair of buffs, albeit relatively subtle buffs, was headed their way. It won’t exactly bring them back in line with other primaries just yet, something Bungie definitely needs to work on. Here are the changes:

Increased base damage for Low Rate-of-Fire archetypes of Auto Rifles. These include the Suros Regime, Shadow Price, Genesis Chain and ARs of the like are going to be receiving decent buffs.

Critical Damage (Headshots) multiplier was increased from 1.25x to 1.3x, a change so subtle, I believe this was to accompany the new base damage changes, and help the damage of Auto Rifles that weren't quite strong enough to get an extra damage point.

~ Bungie should have never touched ~

The Special Ammo Economy

If anything was given a full overhaul, it was the way Special Ammo will be wielded.

The changes will require a relearning of how to play certain game modes and really - a cultural overhaul for the PvP community. Here is a list of the major changes:

You will LOOSE all special ammo once you die - this is again, bad news for Shotgunners, Snipers and even the Fusion Rifle players. This isn’t as big of a deal if you’re a Sidearm user, or if you use regenerative ammo exotics (I.E. Icebreaker, Invective). For everyone else, this is a huge deal.

Special Ammo crates spawn in every 60 seconds. Because of the new changes to the game, expect to find a more “Campy” style of play around Special crates throughout games.

The radius for Special Ammo pickup is also nerfed, making it more difficult to wield Special ammo.