NA DCS S1Q1 Analysis

With the end of this weekend, DCS Season one officially begins. This event features some of the best players in the world of Destiny, the DCS looks to be an event like no other.  As we reach the zenith of competitive play thanks to custom matchmaking, are entering a new era and the DCS is only the beginning.  

The North American Qualifiers began with over 80 teams vying for 12 spots in the Destiny Championship Bracket for a chance to be the first Destiny Champion. The event started with some very close sets in the first and second rounds leading to new rivalries and drama.   

In the continuing rounds there were several teams and known personalities that entered.  Some of the highlights include:

Casuals featuring famous streamer Dr Lupo, Gen-e-us, and True Vanguard battling through the bracket ultimately losing to BeastlySn1pe and team Thick N Juicy in a dominating fashion 3-1. Most notable is BeastlySn1pe dominating performance in game three (The Cauldron - Clash) going 25K 11D for a K/D of 2.27 displaying his dominance on the map.

Relative unknown teams Synergy (iTb-mini-scope, TheOriginCastle, Obsidian, and Exuvists) and Ordain (zIProphet, Darkninja836, LordeMathias, and AcTiVe_Kidzz) took 3rd and 4th respectively.  The teams beat the likes of Thick N Juicy, Saucy, and Olympic (3-0 by Ordain) to name a few.   

Worthy and Dexterous played a very competitive set and was the highlight of FarCog’s Stream as a great finale. The first match , Exodus Blue - Supremacy, saw both XiHostile and Melog0330 take control with 38 combined kills carrying Dexterous to a 100-80 victory. Worthy responded with a clutch Zone Control match on Rusted Lands winning 1,510 to 1,500 at the very last second. The series was just beginning and it already being set for a classic. The next match was an old fashion Clash match on Cauldron. Loudenelee came up huge on this match hitting 29 Kills in another close set 10,090 to 9,545. Statistically, Loudenlee was a monster that game, not only with the 29 kills but the K/D of 1.93. Compare that to the .95 of the next highest teammate, along with Potangslayer and Santa_Cl4us120 of Worthy stepping up, Loudenlee pushed his teammate to take the lead 2-1.

The next match took the teams back to Supremacy mode with Twilight Gap. Same game type but different result as Worthy took the victory 100-86. Of note, Worthy was more consistent in this match with three out of four going positive in K/D and Finese_Reaper gathering 41 points worth of crests. The series, now tied 2-2, finished up on The Burning Shrine where controlling B was crucial to the matchtype. While it was a back and forth, even with Santa_Cl4us120 33 kills, Dexterous pulled it together with a score of 1,500 to 1,410 playing the objective.  

The event was designed for the up and comer and based on the results it did not disappoint. With the second qualifier happening Saturday, we expect teams to continue to battle their way to the top as we decide who truly is the best . This is only the beginning, as we move towards a new, even better, competitive Destiny.