With the first official Destiny Championship Series presented by PvP Legends coming up, there is a lot for the Destiny Community to prepare for. As March 11, 2017 creeps closer and closer, one thought stands out the most: Are the competitors going to display good sportsmanship throughout the tournament? As a matter of fact, what is sportsmanship?

“Gracious winning and gracious losing. It's a lot easier for me to be a gracious winner than loser, but obviously I've had my fair share of incidents following a loss. Making sure that you accept that you lost no matter the circumstances of the game (ex- lag, camping, random disconnects, etc)”  - SirDimetrious (iAM)

“To me sportsmanship is respect to everyone, including your opponents.” - WarBulletProof (God Squad I)

Without a doubt, sportsmanship is going to be a key factor that will play into what kind of environment all the leading competitors will be surrounded by. Most believe that in order to have a successful tournament experience, there needs to be good sportsmanship. Some have suggested that even though bad sportsmanship brings more viewership due to the audience loving verbal quarrels between teams, this could lead to toxic Twitch chats.

“I do think good sportsmanship is key to a friendly tournament environment, but the people who produce bad sportsmanship attract more attention and excitement in reality. Everyone likes a superhero, but everyone loves a good villain. At the end of the day I would rather have everyone show good sportsmanship but at the end of the day it’s all good competition.” - WTFisPoshy (God Squad I)

“I think good sportsmanship encourages people to come into tournament environments. Good sportsmanship helps people take losses better and makes gameplay more fun overall.” - DodgeGG

Some of the interviewees were honest enough to come clean about some of the bad sportsmanship that they had personally displayed during a tournament. It shows strong adaptability and cognizance in the fact that these top-tier players  are able to learn from their mistakes and make the best out of any scenario. Heat-of-the-moment situations lead to things that are said due to frustration and anger, but it allows people to correct their mistakes and make amends.

“Yeah me and SirDimetrious have gone at it a few times, many times where I killed him in tournaments I’d just get blamed for connection, I lost my cool in front of thousands of viewers and just went off, but we are cool now. I apologised and moved on. I also joined iAM and we became friends.” - Extremizm (iAM)

“Absolutely, I've had bad sportsmanship within the last week. I get upset when I lose, but only for a bit. If I take a quick look at what I could've done differently after the loss, I usually calm down and congratulate the other team.” - DodgeGG  

This upcoming tournament will be a game-changer for everyone involved. It will allow well-known and not-so-well-known teams to showcase their undeniable teamwork, gameplay, and sportsmanship. As being part of the Destiny Community for almost 3 years, I can only hope for a welcoming atmosphere during the Second Qualifiers which are taking place on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 1PM EST.  Sportsmanship is going to be a leading factor into what clan will succeed and become the first ever Destiny Championship Series Winners in the summer of 2017.




Marie K.Comment