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As the first ever Destiny Championship Series creeps closer, it has become quite apparent that clans/teams are starting to tighten their roster Chemistry is being grown and new relationships are forming. Clans have started to pick up new members which not only allows for new talent to be sought out, but also means new opportunities are opening up for those who have put in the work to get to the top.

It has been quite a topic of discussion for the past few months in the Destiny PvP community. There was a Guardian in particular who stood out the most when regarding the brutal topic of being picked up by big clans or sweating with top tier players. Not many players from the so called “Sweaty Community” have had the initiative to take action and explain how you have to earn your place/right to sweat with the “Tier 1 Sweaties” like him.

“The biggest advice I can give you is that you have to earn your invite to sweats, and this isn't meant to sound elitist, but I cannot think of any top tier player that made it by asking to be invited. Treat every pick up as a tryout, play well and you'll get noticed.”- Droptacularr (iAM)

Other competitive players also agree that playing in tournaments, regardless of the outcome, is a great platform to get noticed on. If you make big plays during a tournament and stand out as a team player, you are proving yourself worthy of being put on a team roster. Being put on a team roster of a clan that you enjoy will not only boost your confidence but will also allow you the ability to grow your skills with the support of your new teammates.

Being able to work your way up through the entire PvP community based on how you play and not who you know is an achievement. It’s not all about getting noticed as quickly as you can or even the destination, but the journey as well. Allowing yourself the time to indulge on a learning experience instead of competing for attention from others will make your grind even more worth it when you reach your goal as a competitive player.

“The grind is an exciting journey. There's no pressure to maintain a status. Enjoy the climb.”- TrueVanguard (TeamRezo)

For those who are in the rush to get to the top, don’t forget your focus point. You want to make the journey worth being apart of. Remember all of those who help you achieve your goals. Respect those who rooted for you when no one else was. If you do end up becoming a top tier sweat, make sure to stay humble. Do not let the spotlight blind you from the bigger picture. With all that said, Good Luck Guardians!

-Marie K.

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