Knowing the Right Callouts to Make in Sweats

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If you’re interested in getting into the competitive side of Destiny, you’ll probably have noticed that communication is one of the most important aspects of competitive play. However, it can be hard to know what to say and whether it’ll help your team, or if you’re just filling the party chat with useless dialogue.

In fact, useless and vague callouts can be a huge factor in degrading your team’s dynamic - so much so that it can ruin your team’s communication, as teammates can get frustrated by vague callouts. On the other hand, accurate callouts can give your team a huge boost in momentum and give your team that much needed boost in order to win.  

So, now I’ve outlined why you and your team need to make accurate and helpful callouts, how can you do/ remember it? Really, it’s quite simple; I present to you: the 3 steps for making accurate callouts.

  1. Location: this is perhaps the most important one of the three. Knowing where enemies are is the foundation of turning engagements to your favour and getting team-wipes. Try to give your teammates the most precise location as to where an enemy is. For example, “over there” or “on left” is a bad callout. “There” is too vague, and “left” is relative: if your teammates are not looking in the same direction as you, then the callout will be useless. An example of a good callout is “he’s on B table” for the Anomaly. There is only one place on the Anomaly that can be referred to as “B table”. That way, there is no confusion as to where the enemy is.
  2. Number: how many people are there? Look at your radar. A dull red means that there is only one person; the brighter the red, the more enemies there are. If an enemy is by themselves, you can call that out to your team and your team can collapse (push) on the person for an easy kill. From there, your team can create a number advantage (a key factor in winning competitive matches) and hopefully get a team-wipe.
  3. Extra information: is he a sniper? A shotgunner? Does he have a super? What class is he? All of these are very important, as a Striker Titan can easily wipe your team out with his super, whether he’s alone or not. This extra information can help your team to be more intelligent. If the enemy has a sniper, you’ll want to push more aggressively than if the enemy has a shotgun. In this way, you and your team can more easily and more intelligently coordinate your pushes.

One of the hardest things to know when making callouts is what to call each area of the map, but we’ve got you covered. Some of the Guardians were kind enough to make some callout maps on Destiny to get you started. Also, you and your team can invent your own callouts - you may notice that not all teams call certain places by the same name. Forming chemistry with your teammates will not only make your gameplay improve but you will get to know them on a level that no one else does. It will allow you to make callouts left and right without hesitation.

With all else said, Keep Slaying Guardians!