Overcoming Plateaus as a Player

image credit : http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-a-plateau.htm

image credit : http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-a-plateau.htm

So, you’ve hit a wall. After studying the meta, equipping your best rolled gear and guns and finding other players to sweat against, you’ve now encountered a new problem – how to consistently get better. In Destiny, this issue is harder to solve than in other games due to its casual core. However, the basic tenants of improvement are the same regardless of the game:  Teamwork, individual skill and game sense. Destiny provides a way to practice all three.People want to know how to break through and sweat against the best. Well, simply put, you have to prove to better people that you’re worth the spot on the team; that you have the tools needed to succeed and don’t need to have your role explained to you.

Common advice is to just keep grinding sweats. This may work to an extent, but it isn’t the best way to improve. Every single mechanical part of Destiny can be broken down into smaller pieces, isolated and practiced individually. Sweats shouldn’t be your only means of practice, it should be where your hard work pays off and you identify what else needs to be improved on.

Rumble is the best way to work on individual skill.  Forget about k/d, win percentage and ELO, and play with the sole goal of improving. If you have, somehow, been getting into a lot of primary battles in sweats and find that you miss too many shots, then play rumble using only a primary. The same goes for any other skill holding you back. The advantage rumble has over other game modes, is that it forces direct gunfights. Instead of getting most of your kills against unsuspecting opponents, you’ll actually have to out aim and outplay your opponent.

Movement is something that can be worked on at all times. Avoid being a floating duck with your jumps, make sure to stay as low to the ground or near cover as possible. With the Jolder artifact, sprint lock has become much less prevalent, but slide lock still exists after three consecutive slides. This can be avoided by switching up movement or at least limited by triggering it at inconsequential moments - like when you’re not a bullet away from death and running across the middle of the map. Practicing routes in a private match is another good way to move more efficiently around a map. It’s most useful as a titan, but could become handy for all classes if blink ever finds a place in the meta again.

The last and most important skill a player could have is game “sense”. Knowing where people a team will spawn, how to isolate players and how to push out of spawns as a team to prevent snowballing scores. Grab two friends and start playing skirmish. Take note of where you spawn every time you die and how you can manipulate your position into an advantage for your team. It takes a lot of hard, deliberate work, but that’s why the best are the best for a reason. Stay slick out there Guardians.