Referring to the Past and Gazing into the Future

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With Destiny on the verge of becoming the next big esport, it’s crucial we take a look at where “sweats” started, and where we want them to go.

Destiny as a competitive scene has grown massively since the game first released in 2014. Not only have we seen the game become more competitive, but we’ve witnessed an enormous increase in clans, organizations and tournaments. These trends did not go unnoticed by developer Bungie who embraced the competitive scene by acquiring a Destiny Competition License. Moreover, the community has constantly been pushing the limits in recent years starting with FarCognitions and moving towards organizations such as; PvP Legends, Gamebattles, Tilt Gaming and ESL Gaming. These organizations work to ensure that every aspiring Destiny player from all parts of the world can compete in leagues or tournaments.

As we have recently entered 2017 the main concern for the competitive community is how Destiny 2 will continue to build on the foundation that was laid throughout Destiny. Looking forward, Destiny 2 will most likely segregate PvP and PvE to ensure balance throughout both game types. Furthermore, an emphasis on new and robust game modes and maps should be at the top of the list for Bungie. Streamlining maps so that a variety of classes and special/primary weapons can be used in all 4v4 game modes should be their top priority.

Another pivotal portion of the the competitive scene that has yet to be looked at by Bungie is a clear set of rules. This became very evident when the deal with gamebattles resulted in very little initiation from Bungie. The current Destiny PvP lead Derek Carroll along with Deej were asked about rules and restrictions by the Crucible Radio podcast team and they had this to say, “Sweat rules can stay at a gentleman's agreement (Podcast #68).” They also stated that restricting things like perks and heavy ammo were against the direction they wanted to go, and that it waters down the core parts of the game too much. I will not get into the much debated conversation of bloom, other than I do disagree with it completely.     

The fact of the matter is that the tools were not built into Destiny to fertilize a functioning foundation for competitive PvP. Hopefully Bungie’s PvP team will implement proper tools, and build Destiny 2 with a changed mindset on the current rules we have. Or change the core functionality of the mechanics we have now to bring balance to as many aspects as possible. You want the crucible? I am the crucible.

-Christian Wichman

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