Subclass Selection in the Update

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Sweats and their rules are what define the competitive Destiny scene. From armor values to gun selection, everything is meticulously picked. One of the most important decisions that is made is subclass selection. Every subclass has something powerful about it that attracts players to select it. However, some are just more powerful than others. The 4 most popular choices in sweats are the Voidwalker, Bladedancer, Striker, and Stormcaller. These subclasses are most likely to remain dominant throughout Destiny’s lifespan.  

With the Destiny update expected on February 14, there are some class changes coming that could influence the seleciton of subclasses in the upcoming Destiny Championship Series. As described in the TWAB from January 26, they are looking to “file down a couple of issues with each class”. They are either being intentionally vague on some major subclass changes, I’m looking at you Sunsinger, or they’re only looking to make some localized changes within certain subclasses.

Some changes that are in the works could be directed at the Stormcaller melee ability, “thunderstrike”. There have been some complaints about this melee due to its damage, range, and lock on capability.  Any changes to it will most likely not affect all three of these abilities, but should help out balance the melee in general. Another change the community has been clamoring for in subclass changes is the un-nerfing of the Gunslinger’s Tripmine grenade that was implemented in last year’s June Update.  Hopefully the changes in update will stir things up a bit in subclass selection, but only time will tell.

Either way, the upcoming update will hopefully provide some interesting gameplay to both watch and experience during the PvP Legends Destiny Championship Series presented by FarCog tournaments. The update should provide a more diverse atmosphere for competitive players to unleash their full potential in the upcoming tournaments. Make sure to tune into the Bungie live stream on February 8th at 10 AM Pacific to see a preview of the update and remember to stay sharp out there, guardians.

-Kai Schussler

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