DCS Qualifier Finals Analysis

Looking towards the coming weeks, the DCS Finals sets the precedent. 32 teams battled through the double elimination bracket looking to establish themselves as the team to beat in 2017. The event had everything that was to be anticipated in an inaugural season. It had moments of drama, upsets, close battles and great play all around. It showed what has been in the waiting for the past two years. Competitive Destiny’s next step.

For many, it was an event to put on full display their abilities. Low ranking, or relative unknowns battling to be noticed and taken seriously as a contender. One of those teams was Xiph0s Alpha. Lead by RekFurio, the team placed 5th overall in the tournament defeating teams seeded higher than their own 8th. The teams include #7 seed TBD and #4 seed Primal each match won in close sets. While eliminated by iAM, the team has a bright future heading into the championships in June.

As with any event, upsets can happen on “any given sunday.” The bracket was turned upside down by #5 seed Unknown Talent.  Comprised of CUCUE_31, grimm_vvas, ItsPowPow, and PureChill420, the team began their great run with defeating Primal 2-0 sending them to the losers bracket. The matches were close but no one expected them to soundly defeat #1 seed BombSquadKittens lead by well-known streamer and personality Luminosity48.  

The set began with a close victory by Luminosity48 and company on The Cauldron.  Unknown Talent rallied by dismantling BombSquadKittens in Sumpracy - The Anomoly riding the dominancy of ITSPOWPOW posting a 2.0 KD winning the match 100-68.  Not to be outdone by his own teammate, grimm_vvas stepped in and ended the set with a 1,500 to 1,030 victory.  His 24 kills leading the way to victory. Unknown Talent was not finished as they marched into the grand finals beating eventual winners of the event GodSquad.  

The initial 2-0 in winners finals certainly sent a shock to the system of GodSquad. The two matches played in the set was a showcase for Purechill420 and grimm_vvas. Both of them, statistically were  doing most of the work. This ranged from racking up the crests in game 1’s 100-66 posting 1.33 and 2.0 KDs, to the combined 43 Kills in game 2 with a 10,070 to 8.030 victory. GodSquad was knocked into the loser’s bracket shocking many of the viewers on the respective streams. GodSquad proved their namesake by issuing the first big clutch of DCS.

First thing was first, however, they needed to win three games in grand finals off a team that just 2-0’d them in their first encounter. The team began their climb with Supremcy on Twilight Gap. It was a back and forth affair which was already a victory compared to the previous two games. Thanks to the efficiency of Dfilment and MaNemGeb, the team etched out a 100-98 Victory. The Burning Shrine was the next destination on Zone Control. GodSquad made this their statement game taking the match 1,500 to 1,120. This was led by Manemgeb’s 24 Kills but the team was fluid not letting Unknown Talent take control during any point in the match. With GodSquad on the heels of resetting the bracket, they dismantled Unknown Talent’s morale on Asylum Clash with a staggering 10,135 to 6,500 with Warbulletproof only dying 9 times and 20 kills and a 2.22 KD. This was only matched by the teams defense only giving Unknown Talents entire team average to .60 KD as a whole. GodSquad was back in control.

Once the things were reset it only took two wins to complete the tournament. GodSquad was by no means letting up as they immediately went to Rusted Lands Zone Control. As with the previous Zone Control match, God Squad was on point and it was Warbulletproof again with the monster game with 24 Kills leading the team to a 1,500 to 1,140 victory. Since the grand finals began Unknown Talent was unable to come close to victory since the first match. Their run at winning the tournament came to an end when GodSquad took the final victory on The Cauldron Clash. The intensity that Unknown Talent had was gone as God Squad lived up to their name.  Manemgeb’s Titan was skating, Justakiller stepped up and providing the 24 kills to lead the team, and the team was efficient all around. While Unknown talent put up a good fight in this match, they fell 10,005 to 9,115.

With that match ending, GodSquad won the event. They are now the team that enters the coming weeks as the litmus test.  As we continue the season, we will look back onto this event to see where it all began.