Special Weapon Usage in Post Competitive Play

On February 14, Destiny’s long awaited patch was released. This patch changed quite a few things about the state of the crucible, most notably the special ammo economy. This patch made it so that upon death all special ammo is lost, with the only exception being sidearms. Additionally, special ammo crates now respawn on a 60 second timer. As special ammo is a huge part of the state of the crucible, this change had a direct impact on all playlists. But for now, we’re going to limit this discussion to competitive play in the DCS.

For the most part, the changes to special ammo have played out very similar to how I talked about it could in my last post. God Squad’s LMNO nailed it in his prediction when we last talked:

“The beginning of games will be crucial now. It is important to try to get a team wipe or kill more opponents on the other team because after they spawn they will not have special. Within the minute until the crates come up, you can easily get 2 more wipes if your team is coordinated.”- LMNO (GodSquad)

If you watched the March 4th Finals Qualifier of the DCS, or the March 11th Challenger and Championship Divisions then you might have noticed that after a team got the first wipe, they had a significant advantage until the next special ammo spawn. If you missed these events for whatever reason, make sure to check out the calendar located on the PvPLegends website to stay in the loop for upcoming events!

The initial plays determined the outcome of the next few minutes and often times, the winner of the game. However, as L put it, it requires a lot of coordination to maintain that advantage before the next round of special ammo comes up. These changes were, for the most part, universal across gamemodes in competitive play. As a result of the decrease in special ammo usage, snipers have been given an opportunity to shine a bit more. In this video, you can see DrLupo using his Y-09 Longbow Synthesis going unbroken in a game of Zone Control on Burning Shrine. He ended the game 21-0.

The last thing I’d like to touch on is currently a sensitive topic in competitive play, the usage of sidearms. During some of the series played in the DCS some teams opted to use sidearms. Currently, there are no rules against the usage of sidearms in the DCS. Some players have complained that the usage of sidearms should be banned. However, FarCog clarified on twitter that the Sweat Council determined that they are allowed to be used in DCS matches. If there are any changes to be made to this, please refer to the PvPLegends Tournament Ruleset for Destiny as well as FarCog’s twitter.

Regardless of what changes Bungie makes to the crucible, the competitive scene will always evolve to play the game their way. Over time, that way may change but the one thing that never does is the desire to win. So far the DCS has proved to be an exciting and popular event, a trend that I hope to see continue through its first season. However you decide to play the crucible, play it your way. Stay sharp out there guardians.

Kai S.Comment