Xiph0s Alpha Interview

JBeck- Hey everyone this is your friendly neighbor JBeck with Xiph0s Alpha one of the top teams heading into the DCS. Hey guys why don’t you introduce yourselves and who do you main?

Cujo- Hello my name is Cujo but you can call me Cujo, currently a Nightstalker main for the DCS.  But seriously, my name is Harrison.

RekFurio- My name is Cody. I play Golden Gun, have mained it in sweats for the last two years.

OrangeJulius43- OrangeJulius43, real name Julian. I have been maining Nova for DCS.

Drafthail- My name is Hiram but you can go by Draft and I don't main anything. I'm a universal player, but I'm playing Stormcaller for Alpha.

JBeck- Nice Stormcaller love! Same as me. So, I think everyone has a story in this game, as it is a social experience as well as competitive, about how they met particular people. Tell me how you all met?

RekFurio- I would have to say this story goes back to the end of the first expansion where I met Julian. He was the best with the sword for Crota and my PvE skills were irrelevant. He joined my early year’s clan "Swords of Scrota" and we moved on from there to be what I consider my longest destiny friend and co-founder of Xiph0s. Draft came along about 6 months later in House of Wolves where he was in KFO and we would scrim against his team and bonded over friendly competition. Harrison was a very interesting find when Xiph0s started buckling down the roster on more of a sweat dynamic. He was by far the best contender in our tryouts and his skill showed against our best.

OrangeJulius43- Well out of my teammates I have known Cody the longest so I guess I'll start there. I believe we met during Crota's End, not long after I bought the game, when I was a swordbearer for the clan Cody was in. I joined that clan and we became really close friends over the years. Eventually Cody and I started Xiph0s as a more PvP orientated clan.

Cujo- Recently I met Draft through his twitch streams (twitch.tv/drafthail), we played in the WOT and did absolutely outstanding, now we are playing together in DCS since then, while also playing ARK at the MLG level.

OrangeJulius43- As for Draft and Cujo I think Rek said it best. We met them along the road and being on the same team has definitely brought us together.

Drafthail- I've been around for a long time.  In the past I met Cody and have been good friends ever since(long time) and he tried recruiting me lol but I had already joined KFO at that time.  I was there for 3 months and I was admin.  Then I participated in the previous Farcog 4s tourney and placed 14th overall. After that I got picked up by tA (Think Again) and have been there for four months. Me [and] Cujo been good friends for a while now and I can honestly say he's my brother and I love Julian too. This team brought really good relationships together and a bond that can't be broken.  But honestly, the brotherhood that I have found with Harrison ( cujo ) is something that will forever transcend clans or groups.  No matter where we end up I will never leave him behind.  It really illustrates the mentality that the leaders of Xiph0s instill in their members.

JBeck- I love how games can bring people together. Trust me when I say it's one in a life time. Rek I know you are a co-founder of Xiph0s. Where did you get the name from?

RekFurio- Great question, lol! We had a vote on all the names we came up with in a group chat app we used called "Band app".  Like Julian said, we decided to move the clan into a more PvP oriented direction.  I came up with it as an inside joke since everyone in the clan was known to main their secondary weapon.  Xiphos is the secondary weapon of a Spartan warrior, where the spear is their primary weapon.  After a quick group vote, it was a huge hit.

Drafthail- wait what?! I thought it was just some goofy word!

JBeck- And the Alpha and Bravo? Is that more of a KD over 1.5 in Alpha and the rest in Bravo or do you even out the teams?

RekFurio- Well obviously if we ran that way, Peter (our admin) would be the only Alpha player.

Cujo- well you see my elo was stoopid high so they had to put me here.

OrangeJulius43- Lol gotta have that stoopid high elo!

RekFurio- In all seriousness, it was a great way to keep our groups separate with our sweat cliques and have serious names behind them

Drafthail- yeah, even though I'm not in Xiph0s proper. I have been allowed behind their doors and get to hangout in their clan discord.  I see the benefit of having something smaller to call your own and pour your efforts into and claim ownership in. Something that you build with your own hands alongside your brothers.

OrangeJulius43- In actuality I think it's just we play really well together.  That and we are committed to getting on and practicing almost every day.

JBeck- Speaking of. You guys placed 5th this past weekend Finals Qualifier. How do you guys think you did compared to your expectations?

RekFurio- Honestly, after the 20 hours or so of scrimming some top teams that were participating in DCS... We felt ready to prove ourselves.

OrangeJulius43- Personally I think we did really well.  We definitely set high goals for ourselves though and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that at the end of the day there's always things we feel we need to improve on.

Drafthail- I think we should have done better. A couple miscues here and there prevented us from placing higher.  I expect us to strive for better next time.

JBeck- What about the teams you faced? Tournaments often come down to who you play and the match-ups in maps and team design. Any team you felt matched up bad against or could of performed better?

RekFurio- I think I answer for all of us when I answer the two teams we lost to,  BSK and iAM, were formidable and definitely not teams to take lightly as they are known tournament winners.  After our long fought battles in the winners bracket, we should have noticed the lack of energy in our performance and capitalized on more on our picks.

OrangeJulius43- I gotta say all the teams we played on Saturday were certainly tough opponents.

JBeck- You think you guys would have beaten iAM in a set instead of the one match?

RekFurio- We have little to no experience playing against their tactics. I would say we would put up a better fight.

OrangeJulius43- Yeah I think we would have had a better chance in a series.

Drafthail- yeah, iAM/BSK has never sweat us prior to DCS even though we have asked. Whereas other teams like GSquad and Hotel Palithornia have spent time with us.  Lacking that experience had us going in blind.  It was a good learning experience.

RekFurio- Definitely plays to be reviewed and angles to be memorized.

JBeck- Moving forward into the championships what is next for Xiph0s in terms of amount of scrims compared to previously and how you want to perform going forward?

OrangeJulius43- Trying our best to practice everyday so we can take our game to that next level.  Like I said before, there's always room for improvement.

RekFurio- I have a very limited schedule due to my full time job and other life responsibilities. #adulting amirite?  I do however guarantee an hour a day to practice and learning from one another and understand what angles work best for us in regards to what causes us to get picked.  Can't wait to see what else we learn from this Saturday.

OrangeJulius43- We just gotta put in the time and take advantage of our opportunities.  Especially after coming all this way I think the number one goal is to win one of these tourneys.  So much of it is working around people's schedules.

JBeck- And I wish you a lot of luck. It was fun watching competitive Destiny last weekend. Any lasting piece of advice for those looking for a way in before we wrap up?

RekFurio- Land your shots, keep the hype, and always watch your own gameplay.

OrangeJulius43- I would say just form a team and start practicing. There are tourneys open to everyone and even if you don't make it far if you keep up the effort you’re going to improve.

Cujo- always be boolin and stay icey

Drafthail- find your own brothers out there and stick together.  It's about family.

JBeck- Alright well thank you all for your time and I look forward to seeing you guys play. For those not in the know you can see their twitch handles below to watch them. Take care everyone!