DCS Changes and More


The challengers division is a key component to establish a competitive scenario in Destiny and any other game: It represents the emerging teams and players that will eventually become champions and leaders, taking their casual PvP team to next levels and establish a potential brand.The only requirement to accomplish such objectives is a small commitment to a bi-weekly competition on a season format. This small commitment establishes an important foundation for any aspiring Champion: Responsibility

Gathered Information

For those committed teams, we have noticed there are a few improvements we can implement immediately that will increase the level of play and prepare them more for the upcoming cups to claim the Challengers division and potentially become a part of Champions division. So far, we have been collecting information about all the matches such as:

  • Team structures
  • Rosters
  • Skill gaps
  • Total game time in actual season play


The information we have gathered so far showed us that challengers still have a big skill gap between teams, rosters are really dynamic and the total game time in actual season play is low (2 series: average of 8 matches every other week)

Challengers is as important as the Champions division for the organization, this is why we will immediately release changes that will take effect as of right now


  • Mid-Season roster changes: From now on, every season will allow a change to be performed to the team between week #2 and before the start of week #3, meaning this that teams are allowed to replace (in case of a full team roster: 7 players) or include (in case of less than 7 players in the roster) a single player of their choice. It can be any active player as long as it is part of the region and not playing for more than 1 team. This change applies to both Challengers and Champions Division immediately.

  • Champions Season format as a Standard: Right now Champions and Challenger divisions have a different format, Champions play all teams in that division and standings are aggregated to a single group while Challengers do only per group series.

    The motivation behind these formats is to have a competition that will allow players to plan in advance while committing to a small time. This worked perfectly for the Champions division but not for Challengers since the amount of gameplay is low. In order to fix this we will bring proven to work format in Champions to Challengers with a small change:

    Challengers are now divided into 2 subdivisions with 4 groups each one, and teams within each subdivision will play each other.

The new divisions are:

- Alpha: Composed of current group A & B teams
- Bravo: Composed of current group C & D teams

This also means, that the selection of teams for the Challengers cup is based on top 2 teams from each group in each subdivision.

Matches and series already played ARE NOT going to replayed, but rather accounted to the corresponding group standings.

We care and commit to the community, for this we always listen to your feedback and plan around that. We have released many other changes to DCS that originated from the community making this scrum model work perfectly since it keeps improving the first ever, real season format, competition that we all want to succeed for the benefit of all the members of the PvP community.


In order to keep improving and bring more quality to all our events, we will incorporate a change to Season #2 that will simplify the challengers division more and will reduce the skill gap: The challengers division will be composed by 16 teams instead of 32.


These 16 teams will be composed of Top 8 teams, and 8 teams that will come from the Relegation Tournament composed of remaining 16 challengers and 16 top ranked teams in the system.


We will release more news soon about the ladder and other systems we will put in place to keep growing the PvP Community and bring a rather satisfying platform to everyone.