Mid-Season Roster Changes

From all the people and companies behind DCS:

Our best intention has been to give the Destiny PVP Community an event that is composed of many layers aiming to different groups, shaped and executed in the best possible way. Those that play casual sweats up to Champions fighting for the Cup have made the season a really fun and entertaining place for everyone.

We want to keep that entertainment and interest growing, not only by releasing constant changes as we did yesterday, but also adopting already proven best practices by international standards.

Keeping your team in shape not only requires commitment and responsibility, but also chemistry that has to be on point with the so called “momentum” that have brought us incredible and unforgettable plays by teams. We feel that only allowing a single player roster change to be done mid-season is not a strong enough tool to elevate or maintain the competition.

With that being said, the organization has evaluated, consulted, and approved up to a maximum of 3 player roster changes to be performed by teams. We have reviewed the immediate impact of this change to the ongoing season with results yielding more positive than negative results.

DCS is the entire community, and for this we will always work hard to keep it at it’s best execution level without compromising the competition and quality. This change takes effect immediately so teams can plan ahead for week #3 matches having taking into account the following:

General Rules:

  • Team name/brand identity must remain the same.

  • Changes need to be approved by DCS administrators.

  • Applies to all DCS top divisions: Champions and Challengers.

  • Player changes can NOT leave another team ineligible to play.

    • Example : team A takes a player from team B - leaving team B with 5 players

  • The player changes can only happen between week 2 and week 3.

  • Admins reserve the right to approve or deny any and all changes as they see fit.

Specific DCS Season 1 Rules:

  • Changes are allowed from Mon, March 27, 8am EST until Fri, April 7, 8pm EST 2017

  • If your team have forfeited already, you can reactivate it.