AN00BIS Gaming Interview

JBeck - Hello Guys and Gals it is Jbeck here with another interview for the masses.  Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

AN00BIS Gaming - Sure. So my name is Matt and I'm the founder of AN00BIS Gaming. I work in Marketing in my day job, but in my spare time I run community Destiny events and Tournaments. AN00BIS Gaming actually started off as a small Xbox One clan, but it evolved into the organisation we know today as we wanted to run Destiny events that all players, no matter what skill level or background could get involved with and enjoy.

JBeck - Great to meet you Matt.  So You started on XboxOne what made you decide to play Destiny in the first place?

AN00BIS Gaming - It was actually due to a group of University friends. We all went our separate ways as you do in grown up life, but we found common ground playing games online and Destiny really sucked us in! We started off Raiding together regularly and then moved into the PVP arena. The group grew to about 10 members pretty quickly and now we speak every day which wouldn't have been the case without this common hobby

JBeck - That's usually how gaming starts.  School friends turns into online friends then a community.  When did you decide to throw events?

AN00BIS Gaming - Well we all grew up couch gaming on Nintendo, and that social environment is something we really missed. Most events these days are reserved for the Elite 1%, even smaller, so we wanted to recreate that fun atmosphere for ourselves and the community to enjoy. That was what really started the concept for GETREKT which was our first Destiny Event

JBeck - Being an online game that must've been a struggle.  How did you get around that to provide a lan experience?

AN00BIS Gaming - The uptake was surprisingly good! I think the nature of Destiny, and the friendships that are made really drove the enthusiasm for the event. The amount of time people spend together in this game really is unprecedented and that's what I believe made the event so appealing. When we first made the concept we would have been happy to get 50 attendees, but we were lucky enough to attract 130! The support of Activision and GAME certainly helped as we were able to provide some great prizes which always helps when you're running a competition

JBeck - What were the struggles you had when you initially set up the event? I am sure finding a venue was something of a large task.

AN00BIS Gaming - It was, but luckily we have some great connections in the area and we were able to partner with the Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham. They have a fantastic event space with awesome AV set up which really made the event special. They were kind enough to offer us the space in return for making the event a charity event which obviously really appealed to us and I'm glad we could help them out! It's really a demographic they don't capture so they were thrilled that we had so many new faces in the museum

JBeck - How did you get all the systems? Did you do a BYOC (Bring your own console)?

AN00BIS Gaming - We did. We hired the monitors for the event but consoles were all provided by the players. We had 8 teams of 3-5 on each console but we had a huge number of Guardians who just came for the social aspect. To be honest it wasn't the easiest thing to manage but it did the job. This year we are hoping Sony and Microsoft will be able to help us out with some stock consoles so we can make GETREKT 2 that much more enjoyable

JBeck - Have any favorite moments from Rekt 1?


AN00BIS Gaming - The whole day was great. We were very lucky to have some key community members involved such as MyNameIsByf and Meganyy who really added some fun detail to the event casting. But honestly it was just the way the community came together to raise money for a good cause! The generosity was truly unbelievable and the fun extended into the "Guardian Down" after party where we also able to raffle off a limited edition Titan model to one very happy lucky winner!

JBeck - I noticed with EU communities that they are more tight-knit since it is easier to travel to each other.  Is that why you think this event was such a success?

AN00BIS Gaming - To be honest the majority of attendees were from the UK, but now word has gotten out I think people will travel. I've already had discussions with players from Holland and Belgium who are going to come and join us which is fantastic! This years event is a 2 day affair so I think that's more attractive to people travelling as they can make a real fun weekend of it

JBeck - That's amazing how you have created an entire new way to bring people together.  Online is very easy and you have made the game carry a new aspect to itself.  Switching gears to the EU DCS has that have similar success in your eyes in terms of attendance ?


AN00BIS Gaming - The DCS is a fantastic set up and I'm really proud to be a part of it. The challenge there is a little different though as it's such a small sample of the community and as the player base has dwindled somewhat it has been difficult to attract the teams we might have done 6 months ago. That being said the community has really come together in spreading the word and they were pivotal in gathering the teams we needed to be able to run the Challenger division. I have no doubts that the DCS is going to be huge, and season 1 will allow us to refine the format and make sure the experience in seasons 2 and beyond, most likely in Destiny 2, is second to none. Farcog and his team really do put the hours in behind the scenes (like you wouldn't believe) and I can't wait to see all the hard work come to fruition for them

JBeck - Can you tell us a bit about the heavy hitters I am curious to know cause it seems all the focus is on NA

AN00BIS Gaming - Sure. I'm sure you're aware of BSK and iAM and they have very talented EU squads. There are some teams hot on their heels though and ready to challenge. Ignyte in particular seem like they're in a good place, but more recently we have seen Code Error Bee, and Italian team really climbing the board. There are too many good teams to mention and I'm sure we'll see the likes of DotEx and Timelapse pushing for the title but it's certainly all to play for at the moment!

JBeck - With all the different countries how has the language barrier been? Or did you luck out and get 100% english speaking teams ha.

AN00BIS Gaming - Haha. We actually leant on a couple of key community members. We advertised the tournament on Facebook and I was lucky enough to be able to convince some influential members of the Italian and German communities to do some translating for us! That was really pivotal in attracting players from mainland Europe

JBeck - I love the community support there.  One question that probably needs to be answered, how do you think, as an EU leader, the teams would perform against the US based teams?
AN00BIS Gaming - Well that's something we would love to find out! The proving ground really hasn't been there for EU teams until fairly recently, but hopefully with more opportunities than ever and rules to enforce only EU players we should see a rapid improvement across the board. We would love to see a world championships at some stage (if connections were less of an issue) so watch this space!

JBeck - I agree and with Destiny 2 that might be a strong possibility!  Did you have any qords of wisdom before I let you go back to being the go to man for all things EU

AN00BIS Gaming - Just to say I'm really grateful to be part of such a welcoming and positive community (apart from the occasional frustrations which are natural!) and I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. We can't wait for Destiny 2 and we'll have a full calendar of events for you soon, starting with our first ever Raid Race event in London on the 13th May! Thanks for your time

JBeck - Thank you for yours as well!