NA Championship Division Summary Week #3

We are now at the halfway point of the season as Week 3 of the Destiny Championship Series has concluded. Teams are working diligently trying to improve their standings. This week gave us some great matches and gameplay. Let’s look at this week's pools:


Pool A


2God Squad21


Dexterous dominated the pool taking apart the group. The team was lead by the ever dominate Hostile (striker). Throughout the pool he was ever dominate with his speed and precision. Not one team was able to defeat them in a series.


Pool B

Rank Team Win Loss
1 Primal 3 0
2 Xiph0s Alpha 2 1
3 Worthy 1 2
4 Visual *FORFEITED* 0 3


Primal ended up winning all of their matches with ease. The final match that decided the set was Anomaly Clash which saw Worthy choke and the final score was 6,700 to 10,075. Primal was lead by GRIMM_VVAS who racked up 28 kills that game to clutch the victory.   .   


Pool C

Rank Team Win Loss
1 iAM 3 0
2 Hotel Palithornia 2 1
3 Kicked from Caelestra 1 2
4 Dexterous 2 *FORFEITED* 0 3


iAm emerged the top of the rankings. Lil_Sonic_X dropped a score of 31 with 21 kills with a KD of 1.40. Dexterous 2 ended up dropping from the league itself due to roster issues resulting in a 0-3 record for week 3.


Pool D

Rank Team Win Loss
1 BombSquadKittens 3 0
2 Be Modest 2 1
3 Ordain 1 2
4 La Familia 0 3


BSK performed as expected. Lumi surprised the entire BSK community with him playing titan which obviously did not hold them back too much. La Familia did not perform so well this weekend which only resulted in 0-3.


The point of round robin series, or pools, is to determine the best team overall.  We are seeing that with the top ranked teams performing so well.  As in all sports, however, things can and will change as people play each other more and more.  Will we see anything change in week 3? Only way to find out is to check in then.  

Marie K.