To start in round 1 of the Xbox WOT, teams Exhalted, ill Meta, and Randoms all make a strong showing, with each team putting out a 2-0 victory over their opponents to start the event. Team Exhalted makes an exceptionally strong start, holding not only flawless victory over their opponent, but almost doubling the score or even more in some cases, as well as each individual team member holding no lower than a 2.0 kd for both matches. Unfortunately, with as strong a start as they made, Exhalted is bested by team Agreed in a similar fashion, with Agreed holding double score over them. Agreed goes on to dominate their games until the final set against team Ransomed, where they manage to still succeed 2-0 over their opponents, but only barely.

Ransomed starts out similarly to Exhalted, displaying 2-0 victories across the board, but come close in the semi finals against team Randoms. Ransomed succeeds over Randoms however, with a 2-1 victory, but not without struggle. They succeed over Randoms in their final match, a game of Supremacy on Twilight Gap, but only by just 8 points. Individually, the players Venca and Vulrise of Ransomed and Stravyy and Fizzee make strong showings, each player holding about 30 score each at the end of the intense supremacy match. Team Ill Meta, while playing strong throughout, lose in the semi finals 2-0 to Agreed, the undisputed powerhouse of this event.

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