Ranked Play

As you may have seen in the promotional video we are introducing Seasonal Ladder/Ranked Play aspect to the DCS. Teams will compete in the pre-season qualifiers to determine what Division they'll be placed in.

Currently, the Divisions are:

  • Ladder
  • Challenger
  • Champions

The Ladder division will not have a monetary prize pool attached, and is meant to be seen as a place to practice and breed new talent. For the Ladder, anybody who wants can join at anytime and play as much as they want, provided they register. PvP Legends has its own App that will matchmake you with other teams in the Ladder, and the more you play and win, the higher you'll climb in the rankings! It's divided up into five tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond), and will be tracked with leaderboards on the PvP Legends website using a combination of ELO, TruSkill, and GLICKO algorithms.  Although you have to register and search as a team of four, the performance rankings are given individually. That means you're free to change teams once every 24 hours, or stay with the same group for the whole duration, but teams will be locked the day the season ends. This is in preparation for the Relegation Event, where the four teams that have the highest collective rankings will get to battle it out against the four lowest ranked Challenger teams to take their place.

The Challenger Division is the hot zone for up and coming teams and players that want a shot at hitting the big leagues, getting noticed, and competing for prize money. With 32 total teams, the top 16 will get to play in the Challenger Cup for a cash reward and bragging rights, and the top four teams will be offered the chance to win their way into the Champions Division.

The Champions Division is the highest ranking in the DCS. With 16 total teams, it's where you'll find the likes of BSK, iAM, and Primal battling it out for glory and the largest prize purse the DCS has to offer. The top eight will participate in the Championship Cup, but only one will emerge victorious.