Regional And Console Exclusive Play

We've heard the concerns and frustrations of dealing with playing teams from the other parts of the world. Even the most level headed player can be triggered with lag and latency, so we feel that region exclusive play is the best solution at this time. Yes, this may break up a small number of international teams, however, in the grand scheme of things, this will allow for the best overall experience possible! Right now, we have leagues planned for both EU and NA on PS4. Are you on Xbox, or in Latin America or Australia, and you want to participate? Sign up, and encourage other teams to do so too!

If enough teams join for your region and console it will be unlocked, and PvP Legends will devote resources to provide it with the Destiny Championship Series. And, since the amount of money allocated to each prize pool is directly associated with how many people sign up, the more teams that register for a specific region and console, the more money in the prize pool! You, the community, will decide where we will focus our resources at PvP Legends.

Additionally, for each region/console, there will be 8 well-known, top-seeded teams who have been invited, and will go directly into the Finals Qualifier.