Prior to the start of DCS Season 1 teams will duke it out in a series of qualifier events. The qualifiers will determine which teams are placed in either the Challenger or Champion division. All remaining teams from the qualifiers and all future teams will play in the Ladder.

  • Feb 18 : 1st Qualifier
    • Signups are capped at a 256 team limit and available to anyone, in their respective region, on a first come first serve basis. The top 12 teams will be guaranteed a spot in the Qualifier Finals.
  • Feb 25 : 2nd Qualifier
    • A second chance for teams who failed to advance out of the 1st Qualifier. Signups are capped at a 256 team limit and available to anyone in their respective region who hasn't already qualified for the Qualifier Finals, on a first come first serve basis.
  • Mar 4 :  Qualifier Finals
    • The top 12 ranked teams from each Qualifier will battle versus each other and the eight invitational teams to fill out the 16 spots in the Champions Division, and the top 16 spots in the Challenger Division.
  • Mar 5 : Ranking Release Day
    • The 16 highest ranked teams remaining from the combined 1st and 2nd qualifiers will fill out the bottom 16 teams of the Challenger Division.
  • Mar 11 : Season 1 Week 1
  • Mar 25 : Season 1 Week 2
  • Apr 8 : Season 1 Week 3
  • Apr 22 : Season 1 Week 4
  • May 6 : NA Challengers, EU Challengers, and NA Champions Cup
  • May 20 :Top 2 teams from each cup in their respective GRAND FINALS!