Team requirements

champions and challengerS division

Every team will REQUIRE 6 players on the roster.  With matches scheduled every other weekend, there will be the inevitable need for a sub and we don’t want to see teams forfeit due to lack of players or the opposing team sitting around with nothing to do but wait. Once the season begins, your team will be locked.

Roster changes will not be allowed until the season is over.

Teams will be allowed a maximum size of 7 and a minimum of 6.

Ladder Division

The ladder division is a free flowing, come and go division.  Players are free to form and try new teams of 4 to find the most competitive set of players for your fireteam.  Team compositions are locked for 24 hours once registered.  After time expires you are free to change the roster as you see fit until the end of the season.  

The statistically top 4 teams at the end of the season will have the opportunity to play for access to the Challengers Division.